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Where’s the beef? Wendy’s localizes menu for Japan’s palates.

U.S.-based Wendy’s, famous for hamburgers, frosties, and “Where’s the beef?” marketing campaigns, is introducing a Lobster and Caviar Burger, a Surf and Turf Burger, and an Ocean Premium Salad as it opens its second location in Japan, reports. The new sandwiches will cost $16 for Canadian lobster and caviar, the website reports. The salad, topped with lobster, egg, avocado, caviar and onion, will cost about $20. According to, Wendy’s has introduced several new products, including burgers made with foie gras and avocado wasabi.

Wendy’s has plans to open 100 restaurants in Japan during the next five years — and localizing menus to match the local palates will be crucial to its success.

We’ve written about menu localization before — at Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald’s, and other U.S.-based restaurant chains. Please share your experiences here or read some of our previous posts.

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